The island of “Great Gods” and winged “Nike”


Welcome to Samothrace

The island of “Great Gods” and winged “Nike” is situated in northeast Aegean, northwest of Imvros and approximately 26 marine miles from Evros capital, Alexandroupolis. It has 178 square kilometers extent and is one of the highest islands of Greece, a fact that suggests the island’s name, Samothrace, which derives from ancient Greek word “samos” which means height.

The imposing mountain of the island is called Saos and its peak is known as “Feggari” from where, according to Omiros, the Olympian god Poseidon observed Troy’s war development.

Samothrace is likely the best alternative island destination. The energy as well as the mystery of this island will excite you. Rich in waters, with spectacular flora and fauna, consists the ideal location for nature lovers but may not please those who seek a conventional, luxurious and busy holiday resort.

At your arrival in Samothrace, you’ll visit “Kamariotisa” the island’s only port. Here is where Aiolos hotel is situated. Amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Mount Saos and approximately 5 kilometers away from “Kamariotissa”, lies the beautiful “Chora” which since 1978 has been declared as a preserved traditional settlement. As well as wondering at its paved alleys you must visit Folklore Museum and Koimisi Theotokou (Assumption) built on 1875. Walking forward to the highest point of “Chora” onto a majestic rock you’ll meet the Tower or Castle of Gattilusi.

On the north side of the island lies Palaiopolis. Here is the Ancient city, the Temple of Great Gods, as well as the Archaeological Museum of Samothrace.

Passing Palaiopolis, you’ll meet the beautiful and lush resort “Therma”, known for its thermal sulfurous springs which you can enjoy at the City Spa. From Therma starts a path which leads to “Old Vathra” as well as the ascent to Mount Saos peak, called “Feggari”.

If you won’t stop at Therma, you can continue towards the stream of the “Fonias” and the homonym Tower or towards the trail that leads to the first waterfall and the known “Vathres of Fonias”.

It’s a fact that Samothrace is not that well known for its beaches but swimming into the island’s crystal waters will compensate you. You must definitely visit the beach “Kipos”, “Vatos” as well as “Pachia Ammos”.

Other places and attractions worth visiting are Ano and Kato Kariotes, Profitis Ilias, Xiropotamos, Alonia, Lakkoma, the church of “Panagia Krimniotissa” south of Kamariotissa and Keramidaria location, 5 kilometers east of Palaiopolis.

Useful phone numbers

  • Call Center Municipality of Samothrace: 2551350800
  • Tourist Office Municipality of Samothrace: 2551041584
  • Municipal Development Enterprise of Samothrace: 2551089270
  • Police Department: 2551041203
  • Fire Department: 2551041199
  • Port Authority: 2551041305
  • Health Center: 2551041217, 2551041376
  • Archaeological Museum: 2551041474
  • Hydrotherapy Baths Thermwn: 2551098229
  • Folklore Museum: 2551041227
  • Camping Platias (Free living): 2551098244
  • Camping Baradwn (Organized): 2551098291
  • Travel Agencies: 2551041505 / 2551041465