Samothraki’s mountainous interior, filled with massive gnarled oak and plane trees, is ideal for hiking and mountain biking, and the island’s waterfalls, plunging into deep, glassy pools, provide cool relief on hot summer days.Remote southeastern beaches are pristine, while the north offers hot baths at Loutra (Therma). Inland from the main fishing port of sleepy Kamariotissa lies the former capital, Hora, bursting with flowers and handsome homes, all overlooking the distant sea.

The clean beaches, age-old riparian groves, varied and lush cliff vegetation, subalpine rock scrub, crystal-clear waters, impressive stream valleys and so many other habitats offer an exotic setting for research and leisure. The wide variety of swimming options include thermal hot spring tubs, the sea and the river’s rock-pools (locally known as “vathres”). Tiny villages provide sites for superb local gastronomic pleasures.

Trekking, mountaineering, canyoning, mountain biking, kayaking, birding, botanizing, fish-watching, snorkelling and diving are amongst some of the activities that can be enjoyed on the island. Many visitors fall in love with Samothraki, these experiences take them on a journey in an experiential and apocalyptic way.


Usually the waters of Samothraki are quite warm, and clear. You can find different types of diving from caves and walls, to colourful reefs and shipwrecks. 

Top spots

Navagio (Shipwreck) - A shipwreck not far from the coast in the southern part of Samothrace. The shipwreck has been looted several times, but still there are plenty of stuff to explore. It is quite shallow the waters from 15 meters to 25. It is easy to reach the shipwreck by boat.  

Kipoi (Gardens) - A rocky area to explore with caves and walls. It is a shore dive in the south eastern part of Samothrace. You will want to explore all the different caves and lagoons in this unique spot. The depth is around 30 meters.

Canyoning - a complex activity that combines hiking, climbing, downhill, river crossing and swimming. When the canyon has waterfalls, the activity includes jumps from height to water. The morphology of the island as well as the large number of canyons (Fonia, Klidosis, Greta, Xeropotamos, Vatos) is the main advantage of Samothraki to gain the reputation of the ideal destination for canyoning.

Paragliding (or Parapente) makes an ancient human desire: free flight. It gives the opportunity to anyone to fly like a bird and experience enchanting emotions. As its name implies, it is a "special" parachute, with which you can take off a slope regardless of its height (when the weather conditions allow it) and does not require any kind of machine.

Mountain Biking can become a trademark of the holidays in Samothraki as it combines perfectly with the tranquility and the exceptional natural environment of the island. The existence of forest roads and paths offers a wide range of scalable difficulty routes accessible to every cyclist.

Rock climbing brings the athlete into contact with nature, exercises and strengthens his body and mind, improves his physical condition and his spiritual strength and gives him intense moments and great satisfaction when he conquers the top and achieves the goal he put . The existence of a climbing field within the traditional settlement of Chora is a real challenge for the fans of the sport.

Rappel is a rock-climbing technique or downhill climbing after climbing. The downhill runs on the rope with which it was used to climb up or join (usually) two ropes and placing on them a simple tool, called the eighth, with which the climber actually slides over the rope until it reaches the ground. 

Hiking - Samothraki offers excellent hiking trails. Both the relief of the island and the rich vegetation combined with the large number of springs and streams make Samothraki a destination for hiking even in the summer.

The two most famous routes in Samothraki are:
o The path to the waterfall of Fonia, a beautiful and quite easy route for everyone.
o The course from Therma to the Moon, difficult for some without good physical condition because of the steep slopes.

You can choose whatever activity you think attracts and at the same time try out your limits. Experience a truly unique experience !!!

Aiolos - 18/11/2019